The Little Somerford Parish Council consists of the following:

Parish Clerk

Name: Rachel Nuttall
Contact: 01249 720978, or else via email at [email protected]


Name: Pauline Cameron (Chair)
Area of interest: Play Park / Play Park

Name: David Orchard (Vice Chair)
Area of interest: Emergency Planning / LSPC Website

Name: Julie Frayling
Area of interest: Highways and Parish Steward

Name: Samantha Orchard
Area of interest: Emergency Planning

Name: Greg Webb
Area of interest: Allotments / Paddock

Name: Caroline Minshell

Area of interest – Footpaths/Right of Way

The local Wiltshire County Council Councillor is Toby Sturgis. Cllr Sturgis is a member of the Conservative Party and Cabinet Member for Spatial Planning, Development Management and Property.