The Somerfords Art Circle was set up about ten years ago by a group who no longer wanted the formality, ties or expense of art classes. Since then the group has enjoyed weekly gatherings at Little Somerford Village Hall on Tuesday mornings.

Our membership is fluid and open to all ages and abilities. Anyone who enjoys drawing or painting in the company of others is welcome. Some members come regularly, others drop in when they can. The morning starts with coffee as we settle to our chosen projects. More coffee or tea and biscuits are on offer throughout the morning. We value our supportive atmosphere. We all have our strengths and areas we’d like to improve and there’s always someone who can offer the benefit of their experience and expertise.

There is a small charge of £2.50 a week to cover hall fees and refreshments and we have even managed to use profits to part fund professional artists’ workshops and a visit to Art in Action. We have regular short sessions in which we challenge ourselves to new skills, an unfamiliar medium or other areas suggested by the group. We have also purchased a few useful items for the group such as a mount cutter and light box.

If you are interested in joining us, or finding out more about us, please drop in. There’s always someone at the Hall between 9.30 and 12.30, so please feel free to drop in for a cup of coffee and see what we’re like! Whether you’re a talented artist who just never gets round to it, or a complete beginner with no idea where to start, you’ll be made very welcome.